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At Nixon Technology We help SME (Small to Mid-size Organizations) to eliminate the hassle of IT support and realise growth potential through strategic alignment of core business and the right technology for their business - CIO as a Service, I T Support, Infrastructure and Managed Services



We bring over 20 years IT Industry experience to organizations gained from ASX and large government organizations across many Industry verticals. Experience that translates technological expertise into business solutions, for companies that need a nimble, proactive approach to managing their outsourced IT services by working to “eliminate the root cause of the existing problems and helping your business to achieve stable growth with reduced costs”.






INTEGRITY: Committed to the highest level of integrity in every aspect of our business.


COMMITMENT: Committed to consistently deliver value for our clients.


MOTIVATION: Striving to be the best in our field.


INNOVATION: Always looking for innovative ways to add value to our client's business.


AGILITY: striving to be agile in the ever-changing technology platform.


PROACTIVE: minimising downtime by proactively monitoring critical business functions.


SERVICE EXCELLENCE: continually improving the Quality of our Service


Spaek to Nixon Technology for all your small business needs
Nixon Technology can assist your business with affordable IT solutions
Case Study

One of the largest Australasian based towage contractor with a fleet of more than 80 modern vessels operating worldwide, offering a range of marine logistics and towage services needed a IT Solution Provider that would partner to help with stability and support while “transitioning into a growth phase” – expanding the business over a period of 5 years, i.e. from being a single location business to spreading across all states in Australia. 

Nixon Technology serve as the I T Support provider, who also went on to offer strategic infrastructure recommendations using a “reduced complexity approach” to keep costs down without compromising on service.

Nixon Technology can assist your business with affordable IT solutions
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