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Nixon Technology provides the services you need at affordable rates.

We specialise in delivering “best of breed” IT products and services designed to maximise productivity for our clients. We achieve this through carefully identifying our client needs and designing the appropriate “IT” solution to meet those business objectives.

CIO as a Service


Affordable remote desktop & server support solutions for your business

A business often requires the a top down view of how technology can assist chosen business directions in market expansion or improvements in business processes.

Nixon Technology has over 20 years of experience in the IT sector with valuable experience in many business sectors that can provide can provide you the approach to transform your business processes in line with your operation and financial requirements.


Using the CIO as a service option allows you to access the high level strategic approach to technology without the need to pay for a full time employee.

Combining the high level CIO as a service option together with our operational IT support gives you business the optimal technology experience to grow your business.

IT Helpdesk Services
Affordable remote desktop & server support solutions for your business

The rapid growth of technology has made IT support services imperative to every organisation.


We understand these services are integral to the day to day running of your business and this is why we are committed to providing support in a timely manner.


Our managed service helpdesk team and the engineering team not only has excellent customer service skill but is also equipped with tools that empowers them to provide remote support (screen sharing, remote control etc.) and assist with a rapid situation assessment and problem resolution.


You need experts to manage your IT systems and that’s exactly what we are.




IT Security & Preventative maintenance
Affordable preventative maintenance solutions for any small business

All businesses need to ensure they have taken adequate steps to prevent IT security breaches – even more so now with new systems, software, networks and tools arriving every year that pose potential threats to corporate data.


We perform regular preventative maintenance checks on the server and network infrastructure to ensure security holes are identified and resolved to allow your business to get best possible performance out of the IT investment.


Nixon Technology has over 20 years experience in the industry, working with world leading IT companies to create a robust strategy to counter threats across your infrastructure, software applications and devices. We have the extensive experience in IT security solutions to help you sleep more peacefully at night.

Data Backup and Restoration Services
Backup solutions for your business at reasonable rates

Data backups are a vital and often overlooked service for any business. Nixon Technology have been providing backups for years and we continue to evolve robust backup solutions whether the data is onsite or offsite in a remote, secured location.


Our system backup solutions are not only monitored by automated processes but also are checked daily (Mon-Fri) by a helpdesk team member. We work with our partners to provide safe, secure and fast backup strategies and this includes ensuring all backups are encrypted and most importantly, available when needed.


A report is prepared with the summary of backup schedules. This ensures that we keep a track record of the backup success rates and analyse and rectify any issue if it occurs.


We understand that intellectual property and corporate data are vital to the operation of any organisation and we make sure it is always protected and available. For our customers, this means extra piece of mind that someone is looking after the backups and monitoring them regularly

Project Management

Affordable and rapid IT desktop & laptop deployments for your business

It’s no secret that Project Management is one of the most valued processes in modern business and Nixon Technology uses industry standard project management methodologies to manage and deliver your technology.


A clear understanding of business requirements, creating a scope and project plan, tracking of essential tasks, and management of resources and the schedule are a few of the many aspects of project management.


Our project management team will perform an in-depth analysis of every project and consistently ensure a quality, efficient delivery of solutions.












Infrastructure services for all business solutions, bug or small

This is the backbone of any organisation and Nixon Technology will deliver the right infrastructure solutions for any business requirement.


Your servers, computers and network devices are just some of the hardware components that form an integral part of your infrastructure.


Nixon Technology can help with your ICT Infrastructure solutions and projects so that you can take control of IT costs, enhance robustness and scalability, strengthen security measures, enhance user satisfaction and productivity. Our IT staff are well aware of the challenges that go into the management of your all-important infrastructure and have devised effective strategies to ensure you get the best out of your technology.









Infrastructure Services

Cloud Computing

Affordable and rapid IT desktop & laptop deployments for your business

Virtualisation, cloud computing, and new outsourcing models have enabled greater capabilities that an organisation can utilise to respond to the business, market and IT demands.


Nixon Technology can assist you in assessing your business needs and migrating to these services to make your organisation more agile, responsive, robust and competitive.


Speak to Nixon Technology now to see how we can help you.







SOE Development & Deployment

Affordable and rapid IT desktop & laptop deployments for your business

All businesses that have a number of computers need a Standard Operating System (SOE). Without an SOE to provide a common working environment for all computing devices, numerous issues arise with applications, new software deployment and management of the IT system in general.


Nixon Technology is can delevop a Standard Operating Environment with your business and will purchase the computing equipment to the specification you provide.


The SOE is prepared with the operating system and software you require before being deployed in your environment.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Affordable and rapid IT desktop & laptop deployments for your business

A sound Business Continuity Plan (BPC), should be part of any business and this plan should be known and tested with the key stakeholders knowing their part in this crucial process. The larger and more complex the business the more complex the BCP tends to be, often with the Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP), being handled as a separate process. A working BCP/DRP is critical for any business as studies have shown that a business that suffers a disaster without a solid, working BCP/DRP is almost guaranteed to cease trading as a result


Nixon Technology has many years of experience in developing, testing and running Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity planning processes. Your business simply cannot afford to operate without a documented, working DRP and BCP.

Procurement services
Procurement services for all your IT needs

With a business to run, the last thing you need is to wrap your head around the components of technology, what they can do and how they fit together to provide exactly what you need.


There’s a huge variety of products, features, licenses, warranties and service levels available but you can get on with what you need to do and leave the procurement combinations to us.

We have a centralised approach to IT procurement and our partnership with all major technology providers and distributors gives us a very competitive edge.

Nixon Technology has vast experience and you can be confident your technology will always meet your business requirements.



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